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In Hand: Unlocking the Poll

Releasing your horse's poll is a first step to accessing and unlocking the topline. This gives us access to the body in a way that allows us to release tension and start our in-hand work with relaxation, balance, and mindfulness.


Maggie W

I love the way he goes into great detail, breaking down each movement so, you understand how and why you do things. You ask a small question and Patrick gives you a very big answer, no wonder Lunar and I have progressed so much.  Also, because relaxation is in the forefront, in the way Patrick teaches, you don't feel pressured and nor does your horse.

Collette W

The in-hand work relaxation techniques have been life changing in my journey. Also, the ability to understand the emotional needs of these animals helped me gain confidence. I now know and have seen how in-hand work and calm handling works magic.



Foundation Groundwork: Coaching A Trailer Loading Session in IL

Trailer loading can be tricky for some riders and horses. We need to think of it as not just a task but a skill. Tasks are accomplished, checked off a list.... skills are developed and improved over time.

Heather H

Patrick has the ability to break complex concepts into bite size pieces that building upon each other, creating complex ideas that I never thought I could wrap my head around. My four OTTB horses, who have had very little extra training, are learning moves and a sense of focus I never thought possible, but with Patrick’s help we have done it.

Tamara B

Patrick is a masterful horseman and teacher. He provides enough information to be fulfilled, but not overwhelmed. I continue to gain insight and deeper understanding over time from the information that I've learned.


Next Steps - Under Saddle: Half Pass Coaching Session

This session dives into the preparation and execution of the half pass... what legs are doing what, where the seat needs to be focusing, how the reins can help vs hinder, and how to progress with the green horse that doesn't yet understand.


Merindah T

Patrick combines a depth of knowledge with a genuine empathy for the horse. He has an easy to follow teaching technique, clear explanations, real demonstrations, and is generous with feedback. I'm very grateful to be able to learn with Patrick via online resources and courses from the other side of the world.

Amanda S

Patrick King is one of the best teachers, instructors, and horsemen I've ridden with. Not only is he so knowledgeable and striving to always put the horse first, but he has a great talent for teaching and helping all of his students to understand what they need to offer their horses.

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