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Hello, I'm Patrick King.


I'm a student of the horse, and I'm addicted to learning. I have committed my life to learning and growing with, for, and about the horse. And through this online Academy for Classical Horsemanship, my aim is to share with you all the things I have learned (and continue learning) and to give you "insider access" to many of my teachers and friends. I'm exciting to have you join me here. 

My Story


Growing up¬†I partnered with a number of ‚Äėproblem‚Äô horses that lead¬†me to seek something more than just a superficial base of horse training: real horsemanship.¬† The works of Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance, and others offered a perspective on understanding horses through psychology and emotions... and that changed everything.

My deeper learning quickly developed into a business of starting colts and working with challenging horses. To date, I have started well over two thousand young horses under saddle.

This led me to opportunities to ride and collaborate with some of the best horsemen and women in the industry across multiple disciplines including Tom Curtin, Craig Johnson, Richard Winters, Wendy Murdoch, John Lyons, and many more. I was also incredibly fortunate to be offered the opportunity to spend extended time with master horseman Ray Hunt. This uncovered many layers of feel and timing in my relationship with horses; pieces of which I continue to develop daily.

Along my journey, I've met several "enlightened horsemen" including Mark Russell, a student of Master Nuno Oliveira, who brought new ideas and set me down another path in this horsemanship journey by introducing an understanding of the biomechanics of the horse and the influence that has on feel and timing. This combination of working with the horse on the inside as well as the outside, psychologically and physically, really helps us to understand a more "total package."

My teaching has now expanded beyond the US into Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the UK and more - and through my online coaching, I work with riders in many countries around the globe. I continue to study each year with many teachers and mentors: Charles de Kunffy, Luis Valenca, Rafael Soto and so many more. I have ridden and trained horses in the Grand Prix movements, advanced in-hand work, and haute ecole.

I have also earned my Bronze and Silver USDF medals... which goes to show that classical horsemanship principles CAN and DO still fit inside the competitive arena. 

But what does ANY of this mean to you? Keep reading, I promise it will make sense in a moment... 

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Why does all of this matter?

Basically... If you've read this far, I understand what you are looking for. Whether you are at the beginning of your journey and just starting your horse under saddle (or even taming a feral or wild horse), or if you are working on developing your higher level maneuvers or movements for practically any discipline... I understand where you AND YOUR HORSE are coming from and can very likely help you get to that next step, keeping the horse's best interest always a priority.

And that's what this Academy of Classical Horsemanship is all about... helping YOU and YOUR HORSE to understand where you are, where you're heading, and how to direct your energies towards your personal goals.  

With a growing list of video lessons tailored to multiple categories, you're sure to find resources to help you with where you are right now. My goal is for you to enjoy your journey together with your horse and continue growing in your confidence and understanding.

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