Promoting and Sharing Classical Principles for Modern Riders

Classical horsemanship doesn't care about breed, discipline, tack, or the rider's outfit - it can help ANY HORSE AND RIDER. Patrick King Horsemanship's Online Academy for Classical Horsemanship is all about sharing and growing. Patrick is committed to helping not only the horse's confidence and understanding, but also the confidence and understanding of the human students. This is a place where you can learn, share, and grow - no matter where you and your horse are currently at in your development.


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Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You struggle to find consistent help from a local trainer you can relate to.
  • You want your horsemanship to be more enjoyable for you and your horse... and you want your horse to actually like working with you!
  • You struggle with the logistics of regular lessons because of time, distance, or financial constraints.
  • You want to supplement the training you are already receiving from another quality program, so that you can get more out of other lessons.
  • You are seeking a fantastic partnership with your horse that is based on mutual understanding and classical principles.
  • You want to develop and strengthen your skills as a rider/handler/trainer.


If any of these statements sound like they describe you,

then you've come to the right place!


Read on to find out more about Patrick King's

Academy for Classical Horsemanship.

What are some of Patrick's students saying?

Collette W

"The in-hand work techniques have been life changing in my journey."

Amanda S

"No matter the level, he can help you find that happy place with your equine partner..."

Tamara B

"I continue to gain insight and deeper understanding over time from the information I've learned..."

What does Classical mean?

Classical horsemanship can be described as a systematic approach to training that builds on the basic principles of the ‘Old Masters’ that we hear about, and is supplemented and supported by new insights that serve the well-being of the horse and its development. Classical horsemanship, then, doesn't care about breed, discipline, tack, or the rider's outfit... but about the willingness of the rider to listen to the horse and keep the horse in the forefront of the equation when it comes to training.

What topics can you expect to see inside the Academy?

The primary focus of each part of the Academy is classical principles for the modern rider to help with understanding, development, and continuous progress in the mind and the body of the horse.

Foundation Work

One of the MOST IMPORTANT things we can do for our horse's is to build their confidence as learners and help them develop a learning and thinking mindset.  So many pieces that go into this stage that influence the rest of their lives.

Advancing and Refining

Once the Foundation is in place, then the horse has the mind to work with us towards our goals. Now we start working with the body AND the mind in a way that helps to develop sensitivity and athleticism... creating happy athletes in us and our horses!

Problem Solving

What about when things are going wrong with your equine partner? The problem solving offered will help you to gain clarity and understanding that will help you to FIX issues AND to head them off in the first place by gaining deeper insights into their roots.

Presented clearly, in a way you can UNDERSTAND and USE

You want to invest your time and money in a program that you can understand. You want a program that gives you information you can USE and REPLICATE to improve the relationship and performance with you and your horse. AND you want a program that gives you answers to your questions when things don't quite go as planned.

The videos in this Academy cover topics that are meaningful to where you and your horse are right now, and are presented in a way that helps you to understand the theory AND the apply the ideas. Some videos are short, others are longer, because most of them show the actual learning process for the horses and the students so that you know what to expect when you take the ideas to the barn and work with your horse. And you are always free to ask questions, within the individual videos themselves, during the monthly LIVE Q&As, and inside the community.

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What can you expect from the Academy for Classical Horsemanship?

Patrick King Horsemanship's Online Academy for Classical Horsemanship is all about sharing and growing. The primary focus is on classical principles for the modern rider to help with understanding, development, and continuous progress.


New videos added every month, with explanations you can understand and exercises you can easily replicate.

Monthly Q&As

LIVE Q&As each month via Zoom where you can get YOUR questions answered and visit with special quests.


Spend time chatting and sharing your wins and experiences in a special community just for our Academy members.

Completely Risk Free

We're packing a lot into this Academy and we are sure that you'll gain loads of insight and helpful tips that will benefit you and your horse for many years to come. And we look forward to seeing you in the community and during the LIVE Q&As, and to helping you through each of the videos in the ever-growing library. 

To make it a risk-free investment for you, we're giving you a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee.

That’s right: If you don’t feel like this Academy is a good fit for you within the first 30 days, just send us an email and we’ll refund you immediately. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

If your experience in the Academy for Classical Horsemanship isn't working for you, you can cancel at any time for any reason.

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More feedback from Patrick's courses...

Alison K

"Patrick clearly explains the "why" and clearly demonstrates the "how."

Shannon E

"Patrick does an amazing job of teaching, explaining and breaking down each step."

Donna R

"There is something about the way that Patrick teaches that resonates with me... very well taught and explained"

Frequently Asked Questions

Patrick is the real deal; a life-long student of the horse who hasn’t just stuck to one discipline but instead has taken the initiative to learn many different methods and styles while blending them in to a whole horse approach. Patrick cares about the relationship and communication between your horse and you.

His instruction well organized; Patrick has the ability to break complex concepts into bite size pieces that building upon each other, creating complex ideas that I never thought I could wrap my head around. My four OTTB horses, who have had very little extra training, are learning moves and a sense of focus I never thought possible, but with Patrick’s help we have done it. I am looking forward to creating the best training opportunities with the help of Patrick King and Patrick King Horsemanship for my two young OTTBs, Hamilton and Limerick.

Heather Hoffmann   Masterson Method® Certified Practitioner   Alcatraz Equine Bodyworks

Presentations at Major Educational Events

Patrick has been a feature presenter at major equine events around the US and internationally. Here are some of the major events you may have seen Patrick presenting at: HorseWorld Expo, The Mane Event, Southern Equine Expo, Midwest Horse Fair, Best Horse Practices Summit, Horsemanship Showcase, and more.

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